Opt for Quality Used Fridges for Your Living Space

Fridge FreezerHaving your own living space is definitely a dream come true. That is, until you begin to deal with broken-down fridges and other appliances that can be a troublesome experience. There’s no understating the importance of having a fridge in your home, unless you want to deal with rotting leftovers and downing a carton of milk just to keep it from spoiling.

There’s no need to worry; you can get quality used whiteware like fridges and freezers that are still in tip-top condition and for less the price from a trusted second hand dealership. Some whiteware dealerships don’t just offer the best selection when it comes to fridges, but they also offer great warranties and good customer services on most re-used appliances they sell. When you decide to buy a quality used fridge, simply remember these helpful tips when shopping for one:

Get a Good Look Inside

First, check how the fridge door opens. This may not determine the quality of the appliance, but the way the door opens might create inconveniences when placed in a tight space. Check the fridge’s interior as well and to see if all drawers and shelves are in order. Ensure that the control knobs, temperature settings, and the light switches are functioning.

Check the Seals

First-time buyers often overlook this simple step, but it’s an important one. Seals are the rubber parts that you find on the door, which then connect the body to the door. Not checking the seals means potentially letting yourself suffer from high energy costs due to leaks. In the end, having a fridge with a worn out seal may even cost you more than buying a new appliance.

Age Matters

In most whiteware, age matters greatly, especially when choosing among second hand fridges. No matter how big a steal a fridge is, this may not be a wise investment if it’s more than 10 years old. This is because this fridge may not be as energy efficient as a newer model, so take the fridge’s age very seriously.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when shopping among quality used fridges and freezers from second hand dealerships like Refresh Appliances.

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