Used Whiteware Eco-Policy – A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned

Dumped Whiteware Appliances

Refresh Appliances was founded on the premise ‘Waste Not, Want Not’. Proprietor,  Matthew Carpenter, owned the largest appliance rental company in Christchurch, and witnessing the increasing amount of quality whiteware being dumped into the waste stream, chose to expand their thriving whiteware repair and reconditioning enterprise by opening a retail outlet specialising in repairing, buying and selling proven, reliable, used ‘as new’ whiteware appliances.

The green ethos that drives Matthew’s conviction and career is a direct contrast to the ‘throwaway mentality’ adopted by many in our increasingly careless world. People who willingly buy used motor vehicles often adopt a similar standard with household appliances of updating needlessly on an increasingly regular basis. They inadvertently buy into and promote the building of new models that are virtually identical to their predecessors, albeit with wasteful built-in redundancy.

This mentality is extremely costly and further feeds the notion that appliances are throwaway items. There is a further cost to New Zealand, with jobs lost in the manufacturing sector and also in the whiteware repair and parts industries. It is unfortunate, but even the Government is buying into this throwaway mentality by actively sponsoring the sale of inferior whiteware to beneficiaries. This policy of pandering to the Chinese buyers of Fisher and Paykel has a very high cost in adding junk to the waste stream, and a loss of jobs for Kiwi workers.

Many Asian manufacturers are relentlessly building whiteware with a short life expectancy to the point that much of what is available is virtually rubbish before it is even out of the box. This policy is very costly to the planet and our environment, wasting energy and resources, as the values of long-life models and reliability are lost. Remembering times when appliances lasted 20 years or more, it is tragic to witness the unfettered flood of nasty inferior products into the New Zealand whiteware market. Conserving all resources ethically and sustainably is the first consideration at Refresh Appliances. In reconditioning and recycling perfectly usable used whiteware, and bringing an ‘At Refresh We Care‘ policy of delivering excellence, we ensure our customers are confident that as they save money, they also save the planet.

Refresh Appliances currently has 1 store and 1 servicing warhouse in Christchurch, enabling them to save thousands of quality used appliances from the rubbish tip, and turn them in to exceptional deals for you.

Refresh Appliances